Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sunday Lunch at the Beefeater

Sometimes it's great being a blogger, you get asked if you want to go and review a restaurant for Sunday lunch. What more could you ask for? We were sent along to the Beefeater Grill at Moor Mill which is just down the road from us and given fifty pounds to spend as we wished. Now, I have to admit, the Beefeater is not my natural choice for a Sunday Lunch as I prefer Good Pub Guide country pubs in the middle of nowhere so it was quite a novel experience for us.

When we drove up to the Smug Oak/ Moor Mill Beefeater we were amazed at how picturesque it is despite being virtually underneath the M25. The building has a working water mill which fascinated the children. We were fairly promptly taken to our table and I must admit was all I could think was how dirty the carpet was. I think perhaps they need to invest in a hoover.

Anyway, we chose our meals, I opted for roast chicken and the hubby opted for roast beef which at £9.99 each seemed quite a bargain. There is a great selection for kids, roast dinners and a really wide kids menu, my two opted for the old favourites of pizza and chips and fish-fingers and chips. Creatures of habit are these two.

The husbands roast beef dinner

We were all really surprised at how promptly our food was dished up and how pleasant the staff were. However, I think what amazed us all the most was the size of the portions. Enormous. For me this is a slight issue because I'm really trying to lose the baby weight, but I cant bear to see food wasted. I made the decision to be good tomorrow because in all honesty the food was delicious. I cant really find any faults with it. Myself and the kids opted for pudding as well, I had banoffee pie, which was as I expected, not a home-made delight but perfectly adequate and as described. The kids had jelly and ice-cream which was devoured in seconds.

All in all, we actually had a lovely Sunday lunch, it was a real surprise to us to find somewhere reasonably priced, family friendly and relaxed. We spent two hours there in all, including deserts and it was one of the best Sundays we have had in a long time.

If you want to try out your local Beefeater Grill you can find the locations and the menus on their website, just click here

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