What Jubilee?

The household has gone DIY mad, well, let me rephrase that. I have gone DIY mad, you see I’ve been moaning for months about the mess and I have decided the only way to rectify this is to take matters into my own hands. Hence a major sort and a small renovation which has turned into a never ending cycle of painting walls, doors and so forth coupled with some building work thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately this has meant that the Queens Diamond Jubilee has passed us by in a whirl of white paint. The kids don’t seem too bothered as they were sent Journey 2 which has proved to be an extremely popular film worthy of many repeat viewings. In fact, they have basically watched that and Barbie: Musketeers Tale all weekend.

I have to admit, I only half get all the fuss. I mean, do you actually remember the Golden Jubilee? I don’t. Anyway, this morning over breakfast I turned on the iPlayer and watched some of the edited highlights. I thought the Queens barge looked superb and Kate looked rather middle aged. It was also joyful watching Prince Charles cringe as Sir Elton played his dead wife’s favourite tunes to the queen. I cringed as Will.I.am wished the Queen a happy birthday, how dumb is that? I did try to interest the kids, but they don’t really care and for them the highlight was dancing to the music for the concert. Both are big fans of Elton John as he provided the soundtrack to Gnomeo and Juliet which they were lucky enough to attend a screening of and enjoyed it immensely.

So, we didn’t really get into the party mode, but we did do a lot of DIY and Ned did a lot of crawling very slowly and nosily about the living room. By Tuesday things had got a bit desperate, guilt took over so we made Jelly and Angel Delight Ice cream which was very kindly sent to us. This was a fabulous excuse to get the kids doing a bit of really simple cooking and I must say the Ice cream went down a treat and there was a fight to make the jelly. It was such a simple, fun and satisfying activity we will be doing it again very shortly. If you want to find out more about Angel Delight Ice Cream they have a facebook page.

Following this we decided to take a short trip to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. Its one of our favourite outings and never ceases to be boring, this time we saw a replica of the Memphis Belle, and went on board a British Airways and  BOAC airplane and looked at A LOT of tanks. Ned was happy to be wheeled about in his Stokke Xplory and the buggy board proved its weight in gold when the kids got tired walking…


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  1. Kat - Housewife Confidential 8th June 2012 / 3:58 pm

    Claire this post made me laugh so much. We were DIY all weekend too.<br /><br />It was the Queen&#39;s official birthday hence people wishing her a happy birthday. And &#39;never ceases to be boring&#39; &lt; brilliant!

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