Review: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Revolution Ultimatrix

My little boy loves Ben 10, he loves absolutely everything about him and frankly if he could change his name to Ben 10 he would. When he was sent am omnitrix Ultimatrix to review he nearly wet himself with excitement and couldn’t open the packet fast enough. Apparently this Ultimatrix thing is the one which all the ‘cool’ boys want.

Basically a little platform which can be either attached to a strap for your wrist or taken off an placed on a flat surface, it has some little Ben 10 alien thingys which click into it and then spin off at speed when you press a button. Well, that’s how I see it working, I’m sure a small boy might actually view things a bit differently, but then, I’m not five and I’m not a Ben 10 fan.

Lets not beat around the bush here, this toy will provide many, many hours of detailed complex role playing action for your son (or daughter if they like Ben 10) and that’s all you can ask for really isn’t it? I think the watch strap is a bit too fiddly and it is an endless source of frustration, but aside from that its a sturdy little toy. You can’t really go wrong and perfect if you are wondering about a good present, especially as it has a RRP of £15 but you can pick it up for a tenner if you shop around.


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