Looking for a little treat? Playmobil Fi?ures Series 3

We love Playmobil in our household, it’s really well made, considered and perfect for role playing. Recently Fifi and Boy were the proud recipients of some brand new Series 3 Fi?ures. I was, as with all Playmobil they receive, secretly jealous!

Playmobil Fi?gures are little individually wrapped figures if you haven’t seen them before. I think they are  great for little bribes, party bags and so on because they are fairly cheap and kids actually get something worthwhile, rather than something that will go straight in the bin. Fifi and Boy both got a pirate figure, that’s the luck of the draw, you can’t tell which ones you will get until you open the packet. This was brilliant for us though as we really like the pirate range and it meant we had two new deck hands and no fights. However, they could have got a Halloween man or a rather fabulous member of the household guard.

I’ll be honest, I can’t pass the display in John Lewis without buying a few of these Playmobil Fi?ures, it’s a guilty pleasure so I’m quite excited about Series 3. Fi?ures are prices at £1.99 each and you can get them in John Lewis (but to be honest I’d advise against shopping there as if you are anything like me you’ll want to buy the entire shop!) Toys R Us and your best bet- the Playmobil online shop where incidentally you can buy any part of any set from the last few years. In our case that means bulk buying Playmobil skeletons, but don’t tell the husband that….


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