Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Review: Trunki PaddlePaks

What with all this rain I'm surprised my kids haven't started sprouting webbing between their fingers and toes. Luckily the kids were given an appropriate task- the chance to road test a new Trunki PaddlePak each. Boy chose a shark and Fifi a Killer Whale. Oddly these are some of their most favourite creatures on the whole planet, partly because of some freak coincidence whereby I accidentally showed them a natural history programme where both the fish and the mammal decided to attack and devour sea lions. Kids ed?

Paddlepaks are basically waterproof rucksack and they make excellent presents for the primary school age group. They are reasonably priced given how good the quality of them seems to be, usual and practical.

The children instantly loved their PaddlePaks, partly because they have lots of compartments for stuff. Even the tail fin has a tiny little compartment perfect size for (in my children's case) a cereal bar! There is also a really nifty sunglasses holder which was perfect for Fifi's Peppa Pig sunglasses.

One of the nice things about the Paddlepaks is that you can fit a lot of stuff in them; the children both fitted their entire swimming kit which included a large towel with lots of room to spare. I'm really impressed by this because all of the other kids rucksacks we have had used have had a tiny capacity.

In terms of waterproof-ness I think they are absolutely brilliant, perfect for swimming and general outdoor activities. They are unusual and funky with lots of pockets and compartments which kids love. Whats more they are excellent quality and reasonably priced. You'll find everything you need to know about them here;
There is great detail on them- check out the teeth!

I'll let boy sum it up for you: 'It's the best rucksack i've ever had!'

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