Back into the routine

I must admit it was with a sense of dread that I sent the children back to school. I’m not happy with the school for so many reasons but feel that my comments are falling on deaf ears and I have very little places to turn. Home education looks like an increasingly good option, however whether it is suitable for my eldest child is debatable, its something I need to investigate further. Life is too short to feel miserable about the situation and trying to convince a child that really doesn’t want to go to school and is only in Year one is somewhat demanding

Anyway, I was exceptionally grateful when I received a bumper parcel of back to school clothes from Clothing at Tesco, it saved me lots of endless wandering about and stressing about school. What a relief! I blogged about this before here and I promised I would provide some pictures:

On this occasion I’m imagining that regular readers will be able to picture their happy *ahem* little faces. I can only say that they looked very smart and Fifi has received loads of compliments about her dress which she is very proud of.

So, what to do about school? Who knows, I’m still after tips to inspire demotivated children if you have any.


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