Book Review: Florentine and Pig Have a Very Lovely Picnic

29th September 2012 No Comments

We get lots of books to review most of them have proved to be enjoyable but out of all of them this one kindly sent to me by Bloomsbury Publishing has been my absolute favourite. It’s the really simple story of a picnic and an adventure up a tree but it engaged 3 children all at once: baby Ned, his friend aged 2 and Fifi aged 3. The illustrations are bright and vibrant and it’s written with humour.  I LOVED reading this to them, it was a total joy particularly as each page caused a mini discussion!

This book isn’t just a story book its full of loads of child friendly recipes based upon what Florentine and Pig eat at their picnic. I love the idea of this and the children are absolutely desperate to make Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies (I am as well because they sound yummy). I think the idea of having stuff to do which relates to the story is brilliant, not only does it help me achieve some of my EYFS goals as a childminder in a really structured way, but it brings the story alive to the kids and sparks imagination.

I’m thinking we might do our own Florentine and Pig picnic as one of our Baby Book Club sessions. The children seemed so engaged with the story and the idea that they could actually get cooking some of the things which Florentine and Pig ate makes a perfect combination for Baby Book Club.

This is just a brilliant book, if you want to find out more, get hold of a signed copy and print out lots of other activities check out their website:

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