Four Fab Books for Five Year Olds (and their little siblings!)

2nd September 2012 2 Comments

One of the things I have taken to doing is lining the children up in a little row every morning and reading them a book. Baby Ned sits wedged between his elder brother and little sister it’s very cute.  I was absolutely thrilled to be sent the latest selection of books published by Simon and Schuster. I think you’ll find  plenty of variety here, perfect for presents for your kids or for the Christmas list!

Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat by Sue Hendra
(3+ years)
ISBN: 978-0-850707- 444-7

Keith finds himself in the unfortunate position of having an ice-cream land on his head. We found this amusing and I loved the idea that he decided that it was in fact a magical hat. The children found this book hilarious, we have read it a few times and its a popular request. I think the bold artwork is also brilliant for little Ned.

The Yoga Ogre by Peter Bently & Simon Rickerty 
(3+ years)
ISBN: 978-1-84738-902-2
This book is totally mad, it’s the story of an ogre who decides to take up yoga. The kids found it amusing, I loved reading it as the text rhymes nicely and the illustrations are great as Ogden the yoga is very easy for kids to draw themselves. If you are looking for a book which reinforces the ideas of healthy eating and exercise then this so one for you. Out of the 4 books we looked at this time it was the least popular when it came to reading them again, but from a personal view point the belly laughs it got from little Fifi make it one I’d recommend.

How Dinosaurs Really Work by Alan Snow 
(4+ years)
ISBN: 978-0-85707-313-6
Over the years I’ve read hundreds of books stands apart from the rest because of the brilliant illustrations. I love the one of the innards of a dinosaur brain complete with mini pirate dinosaurs. Frankly this book has to be seen to be appreciated and so I suggest you buy it for all your Reception/ Yr1/ Yr2 children as it’s ideal. After all, you know you want to find out how brainy a brontosaurus was!

Jack’s Mega Machines: The Rocket Racing Car by Alison Ritchie and Mike Byrne
(3 + Years)
ISBN: 978-0-85707-563-3
Without a shadow of a doubt this book is one of the best books my five year old has read this year. I say this because he has managed to read it himself to me ( a feat in itself) because of the incentive of an actual 3D rocket racing car at the end. He really, really enjoyed reading this book first time round and has since read it a couple of times with his dad. The only issue with it is that the font makes it even more challenging for young readers trying to read it themselves because it is quite stylised. The  art work is lovely though and we will be buying each book in the series.

Find more information on the books by clicking each of their titles.

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  • PushchairDad 6th September 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Thanks for this list. Recommendations always turn out better than buying something random!

  • Life through the Slim Lens 7th September 2012 at 8:16 pm

    We love Sue Hendra books here too. Keith will be on the Christmas list!

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