India Day Activities

Over the school summer holidays we decided to make sure that the kids spent at least a day learning a little bit about another country and its culture. In the end we did a few days looking at different countries. It was great fun as each day we did a selection of relevant activities and then in the evening sampled some of the food.

By far the most memorable day was our day exploring India. We did some craft activities, looked at houses, tasted different fruits that grow there and made all the props for our Story of Diwali play which was acted out by the kids. Close family and friends remind me to show you it…

Drawing the 10 heads for the Story of Diwali

I was also really kindly loaned a sari for us to look at by the lovely Cuthberts Toys (our favourite local toyshop). The children were absolutely enchanted with this and in the end we allowed them to very carefully try it on (doubling up the fabric). I’m not convinced we put it on 100% correctly but I do think that it brought the country and its culture alive for the children, who after all, are still very little.

After a day of sampling curry, trying on the clothes, making related items and acting out the Story of Diwali the children really seem to pick up a lot of information. In fact, they are so enthused about it still the Fifi’s favourite book is one about India! I can’t wait for half term, its just a matter of deciding what country to explore…


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  1. Jellybean Dragon 21st September 2012 / 7:33 pm

    That's such a great idea! I'll have to get my international friends involved later on, so I don't give them my own views of different nationalities..!

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