Our Great British Bake Off

During the summer I was asked if I wanted to check out the Great British Bake Off app. This is a great idea because you can browse loads of recipes wherever you are. For example, I found myself at playgroup idly checking out what cakes I could make. More fun than listening to some yummy mummy droning on about shops closing in St Albans (and she barely noticed). If you fancy checking it out yourself you’ll find it on iTunes here

I quite enjoy watching cookery programmes, I must admit my all time faces are Nigel Slater and River Cottage but The Great British Bake Off has proved itself inspirational in terms of cake eating potential (although they do make other things) and I have personally found this rewarding fattening.

I have to admit though I was quite chuffed to be asked to test out one of the recipes and for something which I wouldn’t naturally make: Aztec Biscuits. I was a little sceptical about these because I’m not that brilliant at making biscuits, the main success being my Lavender biscuits which are legendary. Anyway, Aztec Biscuits are a delicious blend of dark and white chocolate. Yum.

I was really surprised at how easy the biscuits were to make, despite the assistance of small children! We actually had good fun talking about the different colours and seeing how the addition of different things changed the colour of the mixture. The biscuits were done and dusted in under an hour, including eating the finished product.

As part of the series the Great British Bakeoff are encouraging people to tweet an image of their creation to @gbbo_app  using the hashtag #gbbo  and to check out the website. I have the hashtag set as one of my Twitter columns and it’s lovely to see what everyone has made, just don’t blame me if you put on a little bit of weight…


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