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One of the major gripes of my life is that it’s just so dull, each day with regularity the same things happen, day in day out and I find this regularity exceptionally boring and depressing. I know that’s the reality of life with small children but I spend a lot of the wondering whether it has to be like this. I am reminded of the Freud family and their journey across Morocco as detailed in the book Hideous Kinky or those amazing well to do families of the Victorian period who embarked upon the grand tour. Life changing, challenging interesting stuff. Meanwhile I plod along: 8:40 school run, 12:00 school run, 3:00 school run, 5:30 dinner and so on.

How does one make life more interesting with small children, I have no chance of going back to work at the moment because the childcare costs are prohibitive and anyway, I think its quite important for them to have me here. I have a bit of a routine of places to go and people to see which is great and makes the week seem less of a mountain to climb but also means there is very little room for spontaneity.

Before children if you fancied a trip to the cinema or a meal out you could just go with ten minutes thought. Nowadays its a massive logistical problem and frankly it doesn’t happen. I have a couple of exercise classes I plan to go to but often I’m either too tired, too busy or too poorly to actually get there and at the end of the day its not really as much fun as a proper night out. Are these nights out  to the cinema etc what keep people sane though? Is this what I am missing?

At the end of the day I am sure there must be more to life that this endless suburban drudge, but how does one discover it and how does one achieve it? Answers gratefully received via comments please!


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  1. Muddling Along 3rd October 2012 / 4:01 pm

    Wish I knew what the answer was… life feels very much stuck in a rut at the moment<br /><br />I&#39;ve gone through and booked a babysitter for one night a month for the two of us to go out – has to break the routine a bit<br /><br />I guess what I need to do is find time to do nothing – not to sit and knit or crochet or make things for the endless Christmas list but to just be… if I never

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