Lottie Doll

Sometimes you hear about a product that sounds so appealing you’d buy one yourself on specification alone and Lottie is one of these products. She’s a nine year old little girl with an age appropriate body shape which is to be highly commended. Her size is slightly different to the other dolls Fifi owns  at just 18 cm. I have to admit I did wonder if this would work well in terms of mixing and matching clothes and things. However, Lotties clothes are so nice and such good quality that Fifi hasn’t been tempted to change them. Instead she talks to Lottie and actually role plays with her.

That’s the things about Lottie, she’s so perfect and her hair is so lovely that little Fifi has spent all her time having adventures and styling her hair. Lottie has gone to loads of places with her and received many compliments. Now, Fifi has Spring celebration Ballet Lottie, but soon she will be joined by a couple of friends as I do intend to buy her a couple more for Christmas, I’ve particularly got my eye on the Pony Flag race doll for her.

From a personal view point I have to admit I am not all that impressed by the Barbie type dolls because I do find their body shape a little bit offensive. I mean, that doll has a bigger chest than me! Fifi seems to have a selection of Barbie dolls with particularly offensive short luminous dresses and high heels. I don’t really approve, although I do like the way she plays with them and some of the dolls and their accessories are really good. It’s just that when you ask for one as a gift you can’t be sure that the person has actually thought through what they are getting, as opposed to buying the first one in the shop. Palaeontology Barbie and Pony Barbie are great for example. However, if you ask for a Lottie doll as a gift you know that whichever doll you get it will be appropriate for your child. A big, big bonus in my books!

There are six different dolls and you can get hold of them here: http://www.lottie.com/buy/?page=store

Lottie won Silver medal at the Independent Toy Awards. Three cheers for Lottie, lets hope she becomes a stalwart of children’s toy boxes the world over.

Find her  www.facebook.com/lottiedolls  and www.lottie.com

Disclaimer: Fifi was sent Lottie to play with and review


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  1. Becky Goddard-Hill 21st October 2012 / 11:39 pm

    Oh I love these! this is a great improvemnet on impossible grown up surgery like body shapes you see on mnay dolls. yay for lottie!

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