Review: Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace Castle

The Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is an awesome concept as it combines two of the things that in my experience little girls really like. A lot. Disney Princess and Little People toys. I wasn’t wrong, from the minute Fifi (3 ) and her little two year old friends saw the castle they were jumping for joy.
Unfortunately it proved to be one of the hardest toys I have ever had the misfortune to construct. In fact, its still not completely rigid and I have a spare screw which I couldn’t get to stay screwed in. The instructions didn’t help in that they jumped all over the place rather than going in numerical order. With two children hanging off my elbow to play with it I could have screamed. Not in joy.
However, construction aside, the Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace has proved itself to be the most popular item of Little People toys we own, and we own a lot (even the garage). Its got loads of functionality and is brilliant for role playing, I’d say it was better than a dolls house for this age. The downside is that it is rather big so does take up a bit of space.
You get Cinderella and Snow White with the  castle but its possible to buy loads of the other princesses in Little People style so I think that makes it quite a good Christmas present as you can have a main present and then other people can buy additional bits to go with it.
I can genuinely say we love the Little People range in our house, we have tons of it and its one of the most used toys, not least because I think its so safe for babies as there are no tiny parts, so I always have it out ready to play. You can’t really go wrong and I think this is one of the ‘must have’ toys for any little Disney Princess obsessed girls. Just construct it before they see it!

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent a Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Castle for this review


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