Thursday, 11 October 2012

Review: Rock of Ages Blu-Ray

I must admit I was a tiny bit skeptical when I was given the Blu-Ray of Rock of Ages, partly because I'm actually not really a fan of rock music. However, the hubby is a big, big fan and the kids insistence that we listen to the Glee soundtrack once a day has sort of ground me down to the point where I find myself humming along to the most embarrassing tunes at inopportune moments.

Anyway, Rock of Ages is a  sort of cross between Glee/ Grease and Spinal Tap. There are some really brilliant comedic performances and some catchy songs. In fact, it's really worth watching just to see Tom Cruise dressed up as an Axel Rose type character. Does he suit the role other than it being very amusing? I'm not so sure. As usual Russell Brand steals the show, he is rapidly becoming one of my favourite Hollywood actors.

I'll be honest here, it wasn't my first choice of film although the hubby was absolutely desperate to see it. He enjoyed it a lot, he loves that sort of music. I was sort of glued to it whilst being indifferent at the same time, I don't often say that about films. I loved the costume and the feel of the movie, it does have a real feel of 1980's America, or at least what I imagine it was like. I could think of worse ways to spend a Friday night and I could think of better. As I say, indifferent.

Following our viewing of Rock of Ages the hubby rediscovered his rock music CD collection. That meant we felt compelled to wear fright wigs and strum air guitars to lots of rock music. The kids joined in for what turned out to be a really enjoyable few hours on a Saturday morning. In fact, you may eventually get treated to a video of it courtesy of @daddacool.

You can relive the 1980's (or discover them if you are younger than us) at home as well because Rock of Ages is available to buy from all the usual retailers.

Disclaimer: we received a copy of Rock of Ages courtesy of Warner Brothers

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