Don’t Tell Your Husband About the British Gas Remote Heating Control

British Gas came around the other day and installed something called a Remote Heating Control. Its a truly brilliant gadget which is basically a new thermostat which has some sort of WiFi gadgetry or something that links itself up to the Internet and means that if you install a special app on your smartphone you can control the heating at home from anywhere. You can also do it from your PC! I’m sure I’ve not explained it brilliantly so I’ll send you over to their website here so you can check out the mechanics yourself.

This is the sort of technology that people get divorced over, its awesomely brilliant, you cant help fiddling about with it. Unfortunately the husband cant help himself either and from the luxury of his smart heated office he can plunge the house with me and the kids into arctic conditions or (and) create a sauna for his homecoming. You catch my drift. It’s a constant battle, I suggest that if you get it installed you make sure the other half NEVER gets the password.

Joking aside the Remote Heating Control will definitely save us a ton of cash as we can really carefully monitor our heating and tailor it very precisely to our needs. Even better we can decide the temperature on the thermostat at very specific times. This is not something we have been able to do before, its always required some sort of manual input. So for example at 3 AM we would like it to be at 13 degrees and then at 3:30 AM we’d like it at 14 degrees we can do it. This makes a real difference to energy consumption. You start to see the genius?

I’ve had it for about a week now and its made a real difference to us, the house is no longer cold when we have been out and I really love looking on my phone and seeing what temperature it is at home to make sure its lovely and warm when we get home. No wonder it won Stuff Gadgets Home Technology of the Year Award. To have one installed cost from £149, I guarantee this will be the best money you have spent in long time. Every single person I’ve shown it to has been so impressed they are looking at getting their own one, it’s not often you can say that about a gadget!


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  1. Andy 6th December 2012 / 9:03 pm

    Not leaving your heating on at 3 in the morning will help consumption, as will having separate TRVs rather than a single thermostat, regardless of whether your iPhone lets you set it or not.

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