How much does the tooth fairy pay?

The other week Aquafresh got in contact with me about a piece of research they have done which makes really interesting reading. Its really relevant to me because Boy is at the age where he will start losing his milk and I have no idea how much the tooth fairy normally pays! Do you?

 Well, apparently 70% of parents pay at least £1 a tooth. There has actually been a tenfold increase in the cost of a milk tooth over the past 50 years from 10p to £1! Some parents even pay their children to brush their teeth (fools) one in fifty of them pay at least £3,600 a year which I find absolutely shocking.

 The upshot of all this is, firstly don’t start paying your kids to brush their teeth. You could get the kids to look after their teeth by telling them the tooth fairy doesn’t come for a decayed tooth, but maybe if you aren’t quite so mean you can find out loads of tips to make brush time fun and get the kids brushing at As for me, I think i’m going to buck the trend and give them a 50p coin per tooth…


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  1. Mrs Fox 2nd December 2012 / 8:09 pm

    I gave little Una Fox £2 for her first tooth, but told her that first teeth are special and since it has reduced to £1.<br /><br />But, she tells me that one child at school gets £5 a tooth. Which resulted in me having to turn a derisive comment into a spluttery cough.

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