Juggling Balls

yet another game of indoor beach football

I’ve not posted much on here about our lives recently, apologies, I have had a lot going on with children’s lives to organise and just general life stuff. It’s very hard to fit everything in. I find my evenings are jam packed with cleaning, tidying and general admin and my days are so full of educating and entertaining children that I have little time to even think.

At the moment I’m undergoing physic for my SPD which has been bad ever since I had Ned and is only slowly getting better. I was told I could end up in a wheelchair if I don’t do the exercises and so this has been a small incentive to say the least. The main issue for me is that I am so tired every time I have a moment to spare to do them I find it hard to motivate myself. SPD is a very nasty side effect of pregnancy and if you get it, you’ll know about it.

The children have been delighting me recently as I have been encouraging them to use their imaginations to write and illustrate short stories. It’s been great, who would have imagined that Little Red Riding Hood would have ended up baking cakes for a dinosaur!

Unfortunately the living room has been turned back into a playroom, at the moment we have a fairy princess castle den and football competitions using the beach ball. I have no personal space and no peace! Little Ned rampages around the room, trying his best to escape and go to one of his no go zones; the telephone, the stairs, the toilet and the bins. He is literally on the cusp of walking, I’ll need to have my wits about me even more then…


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