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Fifi has been really lucky recently and she was delighted when we she was asked by Petalina to become a little ‘Doll Tester’ for them. They do what must be one of the biggest range of dolls I have ever seen in my life! You can literally pick a doll which is perfect for your little one in each and everyday.

Fifi was sent a Petite Fleur Madeleine doll which I have to say is absolutely delightful, the moment we opened the box together she told me how much it reminded her of ‘Sandra’, my doll from when I was her age. Madeleine is a big doll at18 inches tall and she is dressed a a lovely dress. Fifi is particularly enamoured with her gorgeous little knickers and her hair. In fact, it’s perfect for practising styling and Madeleine has been to the hairdressers several times which is great as it saves me from having my hair styled a few minutes before the school run!

One of the nice things about Madeleine is that she fits perfectly in Fifi’s toy pushchair, rather than falling out every few seconds. I also like the fact that she is a nice big size as it means that Fifi (3 and a half) and her little 2 and a half year old friend can dress and undress her to their hearts content without needing me.

I must admit I was really surprised at the quality of this doll, I’ve not really heard of Petalina before but I am really glad I have. Madeleine is a really good quality doll which makes some of the other ones we have look like they deserve a home in the charity shop! She’s been manhandled for a few weeks now and looks as good as new and Fifi absolutely adores her. Retailing at just over fifty quid she’s not cheap, but actually in my experience with toys you are often better off investing a bit more at the start and having one really good doll that several really shoddy ones which fall apart.

I can’t provide an image for you at this minute because Fifi is currently tucked up in bed with Madeleine, but I can guarantee that this doll will be a regular feature in the pictures on this blog as its quite rare to see Fifi without her! This is an excellent Christmas gift for any 3- 6 year old doll fan


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  1. Perfectly Happy Mum 9th December 2012 / 10:01 pm

    I know Cate and her dolls are amazing. I think it all comes down to how passionate she is about only offering top quality dolls to all the little girls out there and she loves what she does. Anyone meeting her will vouch for that!

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