Review: Disney Princess; My Fairytale Adventure on Wii

It’s not often that me and Fifi are allowed anywhere near any of the games consoles in our house as they are usually the domain of boys so it was great that Disney asked us to have a little go at  Disney Princess; My Fairytale Adventure on our Wii we were more than happy to help.

Turns out this game is brilliant for computer game novices and 3 and a half year olds because we could work it (always tricky for the likes of us) and we could actually do it. The idea is that you navigate around various rooms collecting/ unlocking things whilst trying to turn little imp things back into nice creatures. Each of the Disney Princesses has a different zone and you are a princess/girl which you can personalise. We liked doing this although inevitably me and Fifi’s character was 100% pink. Now, I’ve probably got some of the names etc wrong there, but you get the gist. I particularly enjoyed making all the leaves fall off the trees and watering plants etc in the garden. The graphics were good and the  game seemed quite smooth, but then I’m not the best judge of that.

Fifi found it tricky to get the imps with her magic wand but could do pretty much everything else so it was a real team effort. However, I do think that the co-ordination required using the Wii controller and Nunchucks is probably really good for  Fifi at her age.

I loved the fact we sat there and did it together, we had a fun memorable afternoon doing something different to usual. It was such excellent fun that we will definitely be playing it again and I’m now scouring shops to see if there is anything else like this that we can do.

We enjoyed this and its great to find a game that appeals to little girls, although the boy did show a passing interest. I find it hard in our house to get control of computer game consoles and if you have a similar family set up you might find that this is a great game for you too!


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