Review: Fantastic Colouring Books for Girls

Finally I’ve managed to come across 2 books which I can use to talk to Fifi about costume in a manner that she can understand and indulge her love of stickers at the same time. The thing I liked so much about both these books was the presentation, they are really nice to look at. I have to admit, I kept them to myself for ages as I didn’t want her to colour them in and use up all the stickers and spoil them. I’m a terrible mother, if you’re anything like me you’ll be ordering them straight after reading this looking at the front covers.

Kokeshi Dolls by Jessica Secheret
Kokeshi Dolls wear kimonos, they are from Japan and so the book has a really stylish Japanese feel about it. It’s lovely, there are no gimmicks, it’s purely there to enjoy and discuss. You also get some stickers, fortunately Fifi cant read so she has no idea I’ve removed them for my own purposes (perfect for card making and wrapping gifts) I’d like my own copy for Christmas please….

Dolls of the World Colouring book by Jessica Secheret
I think this book is a vital resource for any museum curator with a costume collection or in fact any teacher because its a really great way to show your children how people in different countries traditionally dress. Again, though is a beautifully presented colouring  and sticker book, it’s positively inspirational and it makes such a lovely change to find a book like this which isn’t branded character themed. I love the illustrations and it started the boy (aged 5 and a half) off on a quest to draw people with different costumes. That’s a result in my book! A really great way to get the kids thinking about clothes and nationality.

I cant rate these two books highly enough and I’m going to buy them as presents for Fifi’s friends because I think they would make a wonderful and unusual gift. Just delightful I implore you to get them. You’ll find out more about them from or on


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