Review: Leapfrog Tag Early Reading System

Fifi and Boy were kindly sent a Leapfrog Tag and a selection of books. They are very used to using my iPad for interactive books but this was a bit of a re-introduction to interactive physical books! Fifi is nearly 4 and is rapidly getting the hand of phonics. She is really keen to be able to sit and read books on her own and the Leapfrog tag system is giving her the ability to do just that.

One of the things about the Early Reader books is that they are perfectly set up to help children learn how to blend words as you can get the reader to sound words out. It’s just what Fifi needs to learn, the next step on her reading path and one which I find difficult to devote enough time to teaching. She has been using the Disney Cinderella book a lot, especially when I tuck her up in bed for a few minutes before she goes to sleep. I think its actually helping her grasp the basics of words as she can sound out a few different words now. Of course the story is the draw for her, she doesn’t realise she’s picking up life skills which is great. Her Christmas stocking is going to contain a few Tinkerbell books as she is a huge fan of those.

The boy has been enjoying reading Air Penguin, part of the Madagascar 2 franchise (a film he loves dancing to), there’s a little game as part of the book which he seems to play a lot. He also likes Tractor Tipping, which is part of the Disney Cars series. He enjoys books with familiar characters and the fact that the Leapfrog Tag is a bit of technology seems to appeal to him. Frankly at 5 and a half, anything which will encourage him open a book and look at it is a good thing!

There are a few things to think out before you purchase, its a bit fiddly to set up as you have to go via your computer and download stuff which is a bit of a pain if like me you often have a baby hanging off your legs. It also means that you need to have it set up before you wrap it up for Christmas if you are considering it for a Christmas gift. Also don’t forget batteries as it doesn’t come with them. You’ll also probably want to invest in some headphones for the kids or you’ll find your life having a soundtrack of kids endless kids stories…

Overall though, I think the Tag system is great because it’s interactive and educational. I’m very much interested in educational toys at the moment and this fits the bill on so many levels. Well worth investing in, you’ll find out more here at the Leapfrog website.


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