This weeks dinners

I’m not into meal planning, it doesn’t usually work for me. However this week I’ve been batch cooking stuff to ease the pain of going back to school. Therefore this is what I propose for our dinners this week, I’ve got all the ingredients in, most of the dinners have been made and are in the freezer, they are to be served with a salad or home made granary bread. Lets do this people! ( I hope it’s successful)

Friday: Nigel Slaters creamy sausage pasta
Sat: River Cottage Aubergine Parmigiana
Sun: River Cottage Swede and Potato Pasties
Monday: Mushroom and Parmesan Risotto
Tuesday: Quorn Chicken Curry and Rice
Wednesday: Pizza and Chips
Thursday: Shepherds Pie
Friday: Stilton parcels with mixed salad

Any thoughts welcomed, I hope this provides my children with a healthy balanced diet. Lunches will be a variety of tuna, cheese, ham sandwiches with the odd jacket potato


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