When I’m One

Having the experience of three children I am now convinced that reaching age 1 marks a real turning point in development. Things seem to ‘click’ with children on their first birthday and without a doubt this has happened for little Ned. Although limited in personal vocabulary to the word ‘no’ usually shouted quite loudly (I wonder where he learnt that?), he can now understand quite complicated commands. For example, earlier on I was giving him a bath and it was time to get out so I asked him to stand up and he duly co-operated. If you ask him to come and get his coat on he will come often dragging coat and if you ask for a cuddle he will duly oblige.

One of the sweetest things about this age is that they really do start imitating you. In our crazy, frenetic household this can produce some funny results as Ned attempts to copy the older children play fighting or attempts to read a book upside down. Like the other children he loves the iPad and his attention to detail means that he can now find his way round it pretty well. Should he come across the iPad lying about he rushes to unlock it and start looking at his favourite Fisher Price game, something I find remarkable.

However, without doubt the cutest thing I have seen yet was when he started trying to give his little baby a bottle. How sweet is this(above)? (Excuse the pink fleecy top, it was his sisters and it was cold at home!) Lets just hope he doesn’t start picking up the Nerf guns and joining in with his dad and brother, i’m not sure if I’d approve of that…


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