Amazon’s Summer Wishlist Event

Since Wifey was busy working, I took it upon myself to nip over to the Barbican Centre in the City last Tuesday to attend Amazon’s Summer Wishlist event. Now we’ve had more snow down south it seems even more innocuous to be talking about summer stuff but Amazon know their onions and these are my pick of the things that Amazon are tipping for greatness this summer:

V-Tech Kidipets

I was too old to fall under the Tamagotchi bug the first time around but V-Tech have reinvented and updated the concept in their own unique way for the 21st century. There are 3 different Kidipets, Pony, Dog and Cat,  and costing £16 each they’re not too expensive. The devices are larger and more sturdy than Tamagotchis and have a lot more functions to boot. There is a resistive touchscreen to pet your, um, pet and a rotating external dial that lets you select different functions, including the rather nice infra-red link up between two Kidipets (the pets actually move across the screen to the other device). They’re colourful, chunky, and look good fun for knocking about on a summer day when you don’t want anything more expensive going out to the beach or something.


There were lots of cool cameras on display, some of which had hotfooted it over from CES in LA (which meant we weren’t allowed to take pictures) but the one which really caught my eye was in many ways the most mundane. The S01 is a 10MP camera with built in storage but wins massively because it is absolutely tiny. When you’ve got kids, you’ve got paraphernalia to cart about, so the idea of a diddy but powerful camera is very appealing. I have a DSLR but can count the number of times I’ve taken it out with the three kids on the fingers of one hand. This camera will drop into a front pocket, a handbag, a compartment on a change bag with no effort whatsoever whilst still giving great pictures.

Trunki Paddlepacks

It was great to see these at the event- Wifey has already reviewed them and I can vouch for their use. The boy uses his for football and given how sweaty he gets, it’s great to stick his kit into a bag that’s as waterproof and funky as this. No other little lad is going to pick it up by mistake either.

Finally I got to play with (and take away for Wifey) a Kindle Fire HD- Amazon’s own customised Android tablet. I plan to do a separate write up on that because it’s a post in itself. Suffice to say I’m impressed with it for the price…


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