Book Review: Mike the Knight and the Real Sword

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I think that there is some real value to be had from using well written character books for your children. It’s a brilliant way of introducing them to the joy of stories and reading especially for children who like to know exactly what they are getting!

In Mike the Knight and the Real Sword you find Mike trying to convince his sister Evie to change his enchanted sword back into a real sword. It’s quite a funny take on brother- sister relationships and was an appealing bedtime story in our house. The Mike the Knight stories are quite good in that they do subtly get messages about doing things the right way across to small children and for that I think its very good. Books like this have a place in a home library, alongside some more traditional tales and if you have a little Mike the Knight fan they are guaranteed to love it.

You’ll find loads more information on the book (and all the other Mike the Knight books) here on the fab Simon and Schuster website

Disclaimer: we received this book free in exchange for a review

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