Book Review: Splat Says Thank You! by Rob Scotton

10th February 2013 No Comments

Ever since we first acquired a Splat the Cat book the children have really enjoyed reading all about his adventures. Splat is a little cat who they can directly identify with (aged 4 and 5), he has similar problems in life to resolve as they do and he has some very similar adventures.

In Splat Says Thank You! Splat has to make a book for Seymour who was poorly. Splat listed all the good things that  Seymour had done for him and how they made him feel. It’s a really heartwarming little book and really reinforces the importance of friendship and being kind. I think there is a real value to stories like this, especially for children at this age when they are beginning to explore relationships. We spent quite a long time imagining what we would write if we decided to write a similar book.

It goes without saying Rob Scottons’ illustrations are really fabulous, you can almost see every single hair on Splat.

Another great Splat the Cat book if you’ve not discovered them make sure you seek them out, if you have you’ll love this one!

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