Book Review: The Octonauts and the Undersea Eruption

3rd February 2013 No Comments

Octonauts is one of the programmes which I am more than happy to let the kids watch because I like the way it blends very subtle story lines and doing good deeds with information about marine animals. This children have really enjoyed this book and read it over and over again. I’ve been happy to oblige and help them read because its been lovely to talk to them and discuss the animals being rescued. There is some slightly more detailed information about the animals at the back to the book which we have used as a springboard to do some more research into the animals.

We have quite a lot of Octonauts action figures and toys and so this book slots in quite well with our play. It has given me a chance to do lots of additional activities with kids are we use the toys as we enact the story in 3D. The highlight was making little baking powder and food colouring volcanoes for our Octonauts to rescue animals from. Great!

I’m not a big fan of books which are spin offs from television programmes at the moment, as I am tying very hard to wean the kids off the television. However, this one gets a big thumbs up from our household as it has acted as a springboard for lots of stuff. I like books which inspire kids and for under a fiver, these ones are a bargain, especially if your child likes The Octonauts.

Find out more about The Octonauts and the Under Sea Eruption here 

Disclaimer; we were sent this book to keep in exchange for a review

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