Book Review: Wagtail Town- Lulu and the Treasure Hunt

10th February 2013 No Comments

Wagtail Town is a new series of books aimed at pre-schoolers all based around dogs. It’s written by Emma Chichester Clark who wrote Blue Kangaroo, a book so popular in our house I’ve had to hide it because I can recite every page (and it’s not all that short). We were sent a copy of the latest book in the series: Lulu and the Treasure Hunt.

The story follows a treasure hunt that the dogs go on and is all about exploration and friendship. Although my children enjoyed the story, the main thing that delighted them was the illustrations. They are truly delightful and even little Ned had the time of his life pointing out different things. In fact, he likes this book so much he actually crawls over to the book basket and tries to bring it to me to read with him!

If you own a dog this book is one you’ll just have to get, you wont be able to resist. I love it, theres something about it that reminds me of the Richard Scarry books of my childhood. Delightful.

You’ll find out more here:

ISBN: 9780007425174

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