A couple of creative things to do in the holiday

There is a whole month and more of the summer holidays left and lets face it, there are only so many times you can face the scrum of the splash park or a trip to the zoo (even if you do have an annual ticket), so a few crafty activities are always useful to have up your sleeve.

Our veg patch has been the local birds favourite port of call for too long now. It’s a shame they’ve left the snails and slugs alone but there you go. A good activity for the kids and one that I keep on meaning to do, is to make bird scarers out of old CD’s and bits of stick. The idea being that the sun reflects off the shiny side of the CD and gives the pigeons the fright of their life and keeps them off my peas. Of course, this is only really useful for those free CD’s you get in the paper or on magazines, if you’ve got anything else (music, DVD or video game), it’s worth trying to sell CDs to an online service. What they can’t resell, they actually recycle too, making 1.2million coat hangers and 1 million car headlamps in the last 12 months alone. Personally I wouldn’t suggest making coat hangers with the kids, they might use them for nefarious purposes.

Alternatively if it’s a rainy day you can get organised and design personalised cards for all your family online. Getting the kids computer literate has the bonus that the littler ones aren’t going to cover your house in PVA glue while making a card that only a parent can love. Hallmark do a good online card design service which is pretty flexible, allowing you to alter text, insert pictures and generally make something that looks more professional than attacking the craft box will. Just help the kids with the spelling…


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