Thursday, 21 February 2013

Half Term Efficiency With the Help of Febreze

I love it when the kids are off school, but it can be a little bit demanding and things do slide here in terms of cleanliness. However, things are not all lost because thanks to the Febreze team I have a lovely clean fresh car! They came along and gave my car a really thorough clean whilst I wrangled four children. Look at their hard work and give them praise for helping a frazzled mum in her time of need:

Give these ladies a medal someone...

Before: Yuck!
After: Ta Dah!

I can't tell you how efficient this made me feel. I wish someone could come along and do things like this for me all the time, the improvements to my quality of life would be massive! It was a real joy getting into a fresh smelling, clean car, even if I was only going to the supermarket. I just need to try to keep it this way, with children to transport that's a hard task.

Febreze recently commissioned a survey which has some quite interesting facts about all things car. I was actually really surprised to hear that men clean the inside of their car more than women – with almost half (48%) of men cleaning the interior at least once a month or more, compared to 37% of women.

I wasn't surprised to hear that on average we spend 312 hours each year in our cars, yet cleaning our cars is one of the nation’s most-neglected chores. Apparently  a third of Brits clean the inside of their car every six months or less! I think we might fall into the less category, I *think* I did it last year...
If you want to seem like you have a flashy car its worth investing in an air freshener: 36% of Brits say their favourite car smell is that new car smell followed by leather seats (23%) and air freshener - whatever the scent (15%)

Febreze have kindly provided some top tips if you want to get out and clean the car. I'm currently making the children memorise them *evil mummy putting them out to work*:

  1. Vigorously brush your carpets with a hard brush before vacuuming to ensure all dirt, dust and debris is removed.
  2. Remove any sources of odour (e.g. litter, mud, dog hair) from the interior and spray the car seats with Febreze Fabric Refresher.
  3. Clean the dashboard using a soft-bristle toothbrush with cleaning fluid in a circular motion to get into all the grooves.
  4. Use a large soft paintbrush to dust the interior trim, around the steering wheel and clean the air vents.
  5. Keep the air feeling fresh with a Febreze Car Air Freshener that will last up to 60 days and includes a fragrance intensity control for when you need an extra boost of freshness.

  1. Always wait for your car to cool down before you wash it to avoid soapy smears and deposits.
  2. Clean your car from the top down to avoid dirty water dripping on to the areas you have just cleaned.
  3. Roll the windows down when you clean them so you can reach the top edges.
  4. Avoid leaving your car to dry in the air as you risk smears – use a good microfibre cloth to dry off the excess moisture.
  5. Remember to clean your wheels and tyres after you’ve washed the rest of your car using fresh cleaning solution – this is because dirt lodged in the wheels may contain small stones/debris picked up from the road that could damage the paintwork.

    You'll find loads more Febreze info and competitions on their Facebook Pages

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Mirka @Kahanka said...

Lucky you, can you send them over to clean my car too? Since baby number two arrived I am always on the run, absolutely no time to clean my car...;(


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