Out and About with the Remote Heating Control

A couple of months ago we were installed with a brilliant thermostat for our boiler which came complete with Remote Heating Control. You’ll find my post about it here.  At the time I joked about how myself and the husband were now having a battle about turning the heating down. Well, he soon tired of that when I changed the password each time he pulled that trick. It made it fiddly for him each time he wanted to turn it down. Never mess with a girl.

Anyway I thought it was about time that I came back to let you know how we have been getting on with the system, now the novelty has worn off and all. I think it’s safe to say that the Remote Heating Control has genuinely revolutionised our lives. I’m often out and about with the children during the week and so I have been able to tailor our heating to our movements.

Some Ice Age Art

A few weeks ago we were visiting the British Museum to see the Ice Age art exhibition, we had timed ticket entry because the exhibition is so popular and so we had a fairly good idea about our timings on the day. However, once we had visited the exhibition the children decided they wanted to see the Ancient Egyptian mummy display and then once thing led to another. Before we knew it we were out much longer than anticipated and appreciating  a nice meal at Wagamamas. We are exceptionally lucky in that I’ve made sure that my children eat all different foods so Wagamamas is a bit like a trip to MacDonalds in terms of food for them and we can enjoy a lovely meal in relative peace!

Ned enjoying his snack in the cafe

Normally, all this excitement and the exceptionally unusual treat of a meal out would mean returning to a freezing cold house. However not anymore, armed with our mobile phones it was a race between myself and the husband to set the heating to come on half an hour before our anticipated arrival home. The thing is just genius. If there’s one gadget you should buy this year its this one!


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