Review: Happy Feet 2 Blu-Ray

happy feet 2

Having played the Wii game of the film and seen Happy Feet fairly recently, the children were thrilled to receive a Blu-Ray of Happy Feet 2 in time for the Easter holidays. The Happy Feet films are stories of friendship, adventure and overcoming adversity and this one is no different. Happy Feet 2 has the most spectacular dancing scenes which had Fifi and Boy jumping around the room and the environmental message is a good one.

We all thought the film was visually stunning and on Blu-Ray it really is spectacular. The Krill are little characters like Scat from Ice age voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. Their voice overs are superb and made me and the kids laugh.  I reckon they could have their own film!

It’s a fun film and if your child likes penguins and dancing (as my daughter does) then you are in for a treat. The voice overs are superb and made me and the the kids laugh. I especially enjoyed Brad Pitt and Matt Damon as the Krills!

If you are at a loose end this half term and the kids like this sort of movie it will keep them happy for a few hours and will inspire them to do lots of drawing and colouring if my children are anything to go by.  Why not have a penguin day, you can watch both Happy Feet films and March of the Penguins

Have a look here and if you like it you can purchase it  from  here :

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