Review: Petite Fleur Dolls Clothes from Petalina

Last year Fifi was lucky enough to be asked to become an official Petalina Doll tester, its a role which she is really enjoys, as she loves playing with her dolls. She was given a lovely Petite Fleur doll which is simply gorgeous, you’ll find the review we did of that here.

Now it’s time for her dolly to get a new wardrobe. Fifi is currently obsessed with bags both for herself and for her dolls and so the choice of outfit was a no brainer; the Jasmine dolls clothes.

Unsurprisingly the dolls clothes are beautifully made and perhaps most usefully can be washed. The little handbag is Fifi’s pride and joy and she shows it off with her dolly to anyone who will listen.

I heartily endorse these clothes for the fact that they are really easy for children to put on a take off. Dressing dolls has recently become the bane of my life, so it’s a welcome change for Fifi to have a set which she can actually do herself.

Fifi is keen on another one of the outfits, its a great incentive for when she completes her sticker chart and I know that they will be a worthwhile investment which she will be able to pass onto her children.

Petalina really do have a fantastic range of dolls and dolls accessories, if you are looking for a quality doll then its without doubt the place to go.


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  1. jelly andrews 16th April 2013 / 8:10 am

    Oh my! She is really very fortunate to be a Petalina doll tester. I have heard that Petalina dolls are really great. They are so cute. I am quite jealous but happy for her.

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