Toy Story Mania! Xbox 360 for Kinect

On 30 Nov 2012 an old friend reappeared after a few years absence. Back in October 2009, we’d just joined the Nintendo Wii party late, and had been sent a copy of Toy Story Mania to review. Fast forward 3 years and we’ve not got an updated version for Xbox 360 Kinect.

For the uninitiated, Kinect is THE ultimate motion control device. Rather than waving a wand or controller around, the clever Kinect camera tracks your motion. YOU are in effect the controller. You can use the normal Xbox controller but to be honest that sort of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. I can vouch for it being no where near as fun too.

If you’re wondering how exactly this game ties into the Toy Story universe, then wonder no more (and you’ve obviously never been to certain Disney theme parks either) because the game is based on a theme park attraction called Toy Story Midway Mania! So it is a bit more authentic than you might have thought, and ties in with the expanded Toy Story universe quite well.

What you get then are over 50 mini games and ten shooting galleries, either based directly on the theme park attraction or inspired by it and the vast majority of them are great fun. I particularly like the Army Men games and yes, I am a fan of the shooting galleries, because they’re great fun.

The cut scenes are very close to the animated films in terms of quality and the whole Toy Story vibe comes through very well, even though the voice actors aren’t quite the real deal. The multiplayer just ups the fun the without making it too confusing (you get different colours for each of the up to 4 players) and it’s just exactly the right sort of game to pull out over the Christmas break when you’ve got friends and relatives round who might not necessarily play games regularly.

You can pick the game up online for a more than reasonable £23 from places like Amazon, so there’s no excuse really. The boy has worn himself out playing it this weekend!


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