Book Review: The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name

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“One morning a little boy awoke,
sat up and rubbed his eyes,
Looked over at his bedroom door
and got a nasty surprise!”

A couple of weeks ago I received a really intriguing email which asked me if I would like to have a book especially made in exchange for a review for one of my children. We absolutely love books and take every opportunity to read as much as we possibly can as a family and this sounded like a great idea. Reading a bit more about the project I was fascinated, its basically an idea run by 3 dads and an uncle and is 100% independent, self published and self funded. You’ll find out more about them on their blog.

I asked for a book to be made for little Ned (this, in case you haven’t gathered, is actually his nickname). When the book arrived it was indeed as I thought really beautiful will lovely illustrations. It tells the story of how a little boy finds the letters of his name. That’s why its so special because every book and storyline is specially made for each individual name, each individual child.

The thing I liked about the story is that it has been carefully thought out and comes to a great conclusion. Funnily enough, my kids have been tasked by school to consider their names and their origins and so its a perfect introducing to the idea at home. I’ve also realised that the focus on individual letters is a great way of reinforcing the phonics of the letters in their names.

If you are going to buy a really special book which will last for a long time then these books are great. Printed on excellent quality paper, it really does feel like a special piece of artwork. I reckon they’d be perfect for a special present for a special little child in your life.

You can find out more about the books and get hold of one yourself here at Lost My Name.

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