Film Review: The Croods in 3D

10th March 2013 No Comments

Films about Ice Age men are few and far between but Dreamworks have timed this one perfectly to coincide with the British Museum Ice Age Exhibition. For an archaeologist like me this makes for a dream come true day out; excite the kids with a film about cave men, then take them to see some real artefacts. If you want to follow our lead you’ll have to be quick because the exhibition is closing soon but the movie looks like its going to be a big hit over Easter and beyond.

It seemed to me that The Croods is basically a remake of the Ice Age movies, with cavemen in the lead roles. I have to admit I felt it was lacking a little in plot. Nonetheless, it’s a visual feast in 3D, in fact, I’d personally say I thought it was probably the best film I’ve seen in 3D yet. It makes brilliant use of really delicate touches, like flying birds, falling ash and so forth.

We watched the film as a family, age ranging from 1 through to 38 and it had appeal to all of us. It’s one of the few kids films we have seen recently which had myself and the husband laughing away; there were mother-in-law jokes and some great slapstick moments. I did wonder if we were embarrassing parents, but quickly forgot about that as the next funny moment came along! The children liked the younger characters in the film. Predictably Belt (the monkey which one of the characters ties around his waist) was apparently the best and we have been treated to his ‘tum, de dum’ catchphrase all day long.

As an archaeologist, the entire film was historically inaccurate in every single way, with the exception of some of the cave art which had a familiar feel about it. I really enjoyed watching the dad caveman do his paintings at story time and thought that worked really well. That obviously doesn’t detract from the movie in anyway, I didn’t expect it to be accurate so I wasn’t misled. Anyway, who can think of a cave-man film with accurate representations?

As you would expect from Dreamworks, this is an enjoyable film for all the family.
If you want to get a feel of the movie have a look at this clip:

You’ll find loads more information at and

You can go along and see it yourself from March 22nd 2013

Disclaimer: we were invited along to a preview screening of the movie

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