For the Love of Football

I’m not really into football, although the hubby, his brother and my sister-in-law are football mad so I know that they were all really pleased that Boy has begun to develop an interest in football. Especially after making me dress him in a little romper suit from the hubby’s football team when he was first born!

It’s not quite like the young David Beckham household where his dad kicked the ball about with him at every spare moment, but certainly in the summer an awful lot of footballs are sacrificed over the fence in the name of sport. One thing I would say is really think about the size of a goal if you are going to buy one, ours is far to big for the space and frankly the ball still sails over the top on a regular basis. 

Anyway, now the boy is at school he has been able to put all that home football training into practice. His school bring in an outside specialist football coach to teach them from a company called Footballs Future. The coach has proved a real inspiration for our boy and I am very grateful to him for purely being another male role model who the boy seems to respect. As a boy surrounded by women to influence and nurture him it makes a real difference to find a man!

In order to kit all the kids out with clothing appropriate for football play at home and at the after school club I’ve had to hunt around quite a bit. It’s actually quite hard to find nice clothes which aren’t covered in loads of logos and finding reasonably priced trainers and football boots is really difficult. One of my first ports of call now is JD Sports because they have such a wide range of stuff it’s quite easy to get the bulk of it there. 

I’ve also managed to pare down the amount of kit that I have bought. Essentials in my opinion, for a child who is keen to play both for a club and after/ before school in the garden are: 1 pair of shorts, 2 x football t-shirts (we have England shirts because I refuse to allow him to wear a club top yet!), 1 x zip up sweatshirt, 2 x pairs of jogging bottoms, 2 x pairs of football socks, a pair of football boots (with plenty of spare studs and preferably velcro rather than laces), a pair of good quality trainers rather than pumps, 1 x pair of shin pads. You’ll also find it worthwhile to invest in a good brush for cleaning muddy football boots and trainers a task which has become my nemesis!


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  1. My son's 3 and just getting into football. I'm like you and have never really been that keen but I guess I'll have to start learning about it too.

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