Getting Kitted Out for Camping

 I have written a fair amount about how we love camping and the importance of getting properly kitted out for it. There is so much more that you need than just a tent and a sleeping bag. For example, I think a portable toilet is an essential if you have smallish children. We also like to have a camping stove so we can make our own dinners and save a bit of money on pub meals. Don’t forget you also need a washing up bowl, especially with little kids because you’ll have all the cooking stuff but probably also need to rinse out lots of little clothes.

Boy when he was a toddler enjoying the great outdoors!

One of the things which we nearly always overlook until the last minute is our footwear. I have to admit that I am a fan of sandals for everything and in the past I’ve climbed munroes on remote Scottish Islands wearing flip-flops. Those days are past though and the hubby is a big fan of trail shoes and walking boots and I must admit they do make a difference. Not least because when you are camping they stop all the insects biting your feet at dusk!

It’s not all that easy to get hold of reasonably priced walking boots or trail shoes on the high street. Lucky for us we are quite near London and so we have a fair amount of choice in camping/ outdoor shops. There is however, one shop that the husband swears by for his walking boots and that’s Blacks. They have a fab range or both women’s and men’s trail shoes and walking boots. I’m really in favour of Merrell ones as out of all the pairs I’ve had they have lasted the longest and been the most comfortable so if you happen to see those when you are having a look try them on.

The other thing which always strikes me when you are off camping and looking for stuff is the amount of potential gifts you can find in these sorts  of shops. I always think a Swiss Army knife or a torch make a brilliant gift.

Herts County Show

Of course, once you have kitted yourself out with all the essentials for a camping trip you’ll need to justify the cost over the whole year and find things to do where you have to wear your waterproofs, walking boots and zip off trousers. We like to take walks in the woods or across the Dunstable Downs at Whipsnade Zoo, we also try to attend our local County Show which I have to admit is not as good as the Holkham Country Show, but fun nonetheless. It’s also worth joining the RSPB or the National Trust as that will you provide endless days out. Not that camping becomes a life-style or anything….

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