Its Women’s Work, Isn’t it?

With the Easter holiday looming many peoples minds turn to DIY. Unless like me and you are constantly in a DIY frenzy thanks to endless reading of Ideal Home and Mollie Makes magazine. This means that my poor husband also feels under constant pressure to put up shelves and do other such manly tasks, with me directing, of course. Generally it all goes well, that is, once we have located all the tools for the job. One day when we have a final audit of screwdrivers and drill pieces I’m convinced we’ll find we have enough to last at least 4 generations of our family. My experience of exhibition work means that I am full of handy tips for doing mundane tasks such as hole drilling. For example, hold the vacuum cleaner under the drill when you drill a hole, thus sucking up all the dust in one go. The husband has come to learn to love me for this. Ahem.

In our household DIY tasks like painting in all its forms (internal, external, fence, wall etc) mainly falls to me. I’m very experienced and have developed a technique whereby I line the paint tray with aluminium foil before pouring paint into it, thus saving me LOADS of time cleaning. Except myself as I inevitably end up covered in paint from head to foot.

Last year whilst balancing baby Ned, I somehow managed to redecorate our halls, stairs and landing. It wasn’t a total success I must admit as the paint hasn’t gone really hard on the doors and keeps chipping off. The lesson I learnt from this is that gloss paint is ten million times better than satin. Anyway, job nearly done its time to move onto the lounge this summer, if only I could decide on the colour!

One of the husbands first ports of call to replace his DIY stuff is Maplin and they have produced a really interesting infographic detailing the nations DIY habits. I must say I’m shocked that 51% of women don’t feel comfortable using power tools!


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