Review: Horses, Horses, Horses from Schleich World of Nature

Schleich make the best model animals you can buy. Without fail they come up top every time and although they are a little bit more expensive than the bog standard ones you can get, these are modern day family heirlooms. We were really lucky to be sent a selection of horses from their new range to review. Fifi was absolutely overjoyed because she is quite simply horse crazy.

Schleich have produced 6 new horses in their braided horses range and we were sent all 6. What an absolute delight they are. Fifi and her friend have been playing with them non stop re-enacting scenes from their current favourite book series; Princess Evies Ponies. We decided that the stallions were the best horses, but  the foals come a close second though!

You can’t beat a Schleich model for attention to detail and these horses are excellent examples. One of the horses even has horse-shoes, you can see each individual braid and they are beautifully naturalistic colours, with shiny eyes. They are in short, absolutely perfect little models. We have been playing with ours for a couple of weeks and I can also vouch that they are indestructible.

One of the best things about Schleich models is that they really make a brilliant toy display at home, but one which children really do enjoy using. They are suitable for small kids and I guarantee they will be using them when they are much older. Therefore ,if grandparents or friends ask me what little gift they can buy the children in place of sweets, I always request one of these. You can’t go wrong.

Product details Schleich “Braided Mane horses”:
  • Braided mane and tail
  • Dynamic pose
  • Height of figurines: Stallion: 12cm; Mare: 12.5cm; Foal: 9cm
Available from: January 2013
RRP: Stallion: £5.99;Mare: £5.99; Foal: £3.99

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  1. Jem 23rd March 2013 / 8:39 pm

    My favourite part about Schleich animals is the fact that they're anatomically correct. I know, that makes me hideously immature.

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