Time was when a smartphone was enough for checking stuff out but it no longer really cuts the mustard. I've used a smartphone for about 3 years now and whilst it's good, the screen is a bit tiddly for doing much on. A good tablet like the Xperia™ Tablet has a much larger screen but can still fit in a sensible sized handbag or change bag.

I find it really handy to have my tablet when I'm out and about with the kids. Whether it's to distract them with a video in the car or to play some secretly educational phonic games in the shopping trolley. The infographic says the average number of apps people download is 22, personally we've got a lot more than that because Fifi has her kitten bathing apps, the boy has Netflix (and that's pretty much all he'll ever need).

It's become so bad, I've actually had to buy a secondary one that I can give to the kids to use so I can actually use mine myself. I tend to use the Kindle app a lot to read books that sync across devices. It's much easier to read a backlit screen in the middle of the night and let hubby have his beauty sleep than to turn a light on and pick up an actual book.

Tablets have come on a lot in the last few years, newer devices like the Xperia™ Tablet are a million miles away from the clunky early tablets we had three years ago. Nowadays' we've got tablets with high definition screens, GPS for locations, cameras for using with video calls and tons and tons of onboard storage.

So know you know what I use my tablet for; what do you use your for? Is it different from your friends? The more people share what they do, the more cool uses you'll find!

Tablet Sony - Infographic

Xperia™ Tablet

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