Trainer Shopping for Kids

I don’t know about your kids but mine love to kick about outside school in little pumps and trainers. This is partially because they spend a lot of the time outdoors playing football and  running about. And partly because they seem to be shoe obsessed and like to wear what they consider the coolest brightest colours around. 
Trainers/pumps are an essential part of any young child’s wardrobe, I mean, look at this picture which depicts a fairly summer activity for my kids. You couldn’t do this sort of thing wearing a pair of ordinary shoes very easily could you! I’m all in favour of traditional games and we try to encourage leapfrog, skipping, and those sorts of things whenever the opportunity arises.
It’s really important though, to make sure that any shoe fits correctly and this includes trainers and one of the best brands about for this is Adidas which surprised me when I first found out. However, a lot of their children’s shoes have special slide out insoles which have measures on them so you can see if they do actually fit without having to press down on their toes and worry. This is a great feature because you can also use it to see if they have actually grown out of their shoes. 
Needless to say, it can be quite hard finding exactly the right pair of trainers which your little one has been eyeing up, one of the shops that its worth checking out is Size? who have a really big range of children’s pumps and trainers to have a look at I absolutely love their Pink Converse All Stars (I wonder if I could get away with them!) With Spring here, it’s time for me to start looking for this years trainers for the children. This year, i’m going to have to get three pairs as baby Ned is now a toddler.

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