A Second Royal Wedding Anniversary Playlist

Would you believe it! The 29th April marks Will and Kate’s 2nd wedding anniversary, doesn’t time fly? It only seems like yesterday that the boy and his little girl friend were re-enacting the wedding. He jilted her at the altar, fortunately that didn’t happen to Kate. We had a lovely day with friends and our own special Royal Wedding tea party. The bride looked beautiful, the groom handsome and we had nice cake. A perfect English day which I will remember forever.

Both William and Kate were born in 1982, so I’ve decided that as children of the 1980’s they might like a play list which represents their childhood. I’ve also taken to listening to loads of 1980’s and 1990’s music recently in an attempt to recapture my youth (I was born in the 1970’s) and also provide my kids with a really broad musical knowledge. I wont claim these are my favourite songs, but I reckon they might enjoy them and since you’re supposed to give cotton or straw as a gift I think they might be highly flammable tracks.

 Billy Idol: White Wedding 
 Obviously it was destiny for William that this song might represent their wedding day as it came out in 1982 the year he was born and is about a white wedding. It even includes the lyric ‘hey little sister, what have you done? *ahem*.

You’ll have to watch this directly on YouTube 

 Guns N Roses: Sweet Child O’ Mine 
 Yes, I’m predictable but it had to be done. Anyway, my own son was born to some horrid metal song which the hubby left on our CD- so much for calming music. Lets hope they don’t have this on their MP3 player whilst in the delivery suite. Or maybe, lets hope they do what a wonderful scene that would make!

B52’s : Love Shack
I like to think of Kensington Palace as The Love Shack. Am I the only one?

Berlin: Take My Breath Away
I’ve added this song because even though I know Will is in the Royal Air Force, I bet they’ve played it and re-enacted some of the scenes from Top Gun during romantic moments. You know, William being a military man and all…

Go-Gos: Our Lips are Sealed

This is a great feel good song from Belinda Carlisles original band and has a great catchphrase for them at the moment. I’d like to know whether its a boy or a girl. I bet its a girl with all that morning sickness. What do you reckon?

I had loads of fun thinking about what songs they might like on their 1980’s themed second wedding anniversary play list. I hope they read this, I can picture them there, at home in the palace, Chinese takeaway (no shellfish, for Kate). A small glass of champagne for Kate ( you’re allowed a little now) and a bottle of beer for William. Perhaps followed up with a Marks and Spencer Millionaire shortbread desert and some Black Magic chocolates with their lattes. In fact, I think me and the hubby might just join them on the 29th by having this meal and listening to these tracks without fear of me going into labour.

If you enjoyed my post you can join in because Panasonic UK are running a little blogging competition where if you publish your top 5 Royal Wedding themed songs and tweet them to @PanasonicUKPR with #PanasonicNESeries by midnight on Sunday 21st April 2013 you stand a chance of winning a Panasonic NE Series. This is my entry.


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  1. Actually Mummy... 20th April 2013 / 8:59 pm

    It was a really lovely day. Apparently it's not cool to get excited about the royals, but I remember a lovely day with my kids eating Victoria sponge and watching TV. Classic British fun!

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