Lets get glittery!

One of the things I find with young children wanting to do craft is that everything in our house is covered in a fine sheen of glitter. I’ve come to realise that it is without doubt an essential part of our crafting kit. As a childminder, I tend to try to do activities that tie in well with the EYFS and one of the things that I like about craft with glitter is that it helps the children with their fine motor skills; spreading the glue in particular places and so forth. Frankly it is also a brilliant incentive for kids who love making anything sparkly.

So far this year we have had a go at Red Ted Art’s peg doll fairies which I must admit are so lovely that I think I may just go and make a few on my own once the kids have gone to bed! We have also made a massive fish mural for our wall with cut out cardboard fish which have glittery scales. For Mothers Day I let the children loose with the craft kit and they made their own cards using any of the resources available. I was pleased with the results have a look;

Another trick which I recently learnt was to put glitter into our bog standard paint to make glitter paint. The children love this and to be honest, I find it much easier to monitor than when its just in sprinkle containers to use with PVA. However best of all in terms of carpet (and child) friendliness is glitter glue.

A couple of months ago I went onto Twitter and had a bit of a moan because I find that my carpets are now ever so slightly glittery, thanks to crafting activities and home made cards filled with ‘surprise’ glitter. Someone pointed out that I should consider it fairy dust and I think in many ways they are absolutely right. Glitter has magical child calming crafty properties, its presence is a reminder of fun happy times and at the end of the day who can resist it?

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