Levelling Up!

Over Easter it seems like all  my children have undergone big developmental changes. The boy has had a massive growth spurt and is now bigger than quite a few of his peers who were once bigger than him, Fifi has become a little bit more precocious and seems to have lost a lot of her baby fat. So much so that I didn’t even recognise her when I was trying to spot her at dance class! The speed at which this happened was remarkable. I do tend to find this with my children, its literally overnight for these changes to happen or things to ‘click’ for them.

Perhaps the biggest change has been in little Ned who has become totally confident in his walking ability and can now dribble with a ball in the garden. I’m tempted to go out there every waking second in case we have a little Beckham on our hands. He is also keen to explore anything and everything. It was a pure joy to see him explore the zoo on foot and I thought how far my baby has come in the past few weeks, he really isn’t a baby anymore but a raging bundle of boy. A boy who knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like and a boy who when he wants to look at a baby giraffe, will look at a baby giraffe despite his big sisters protestations.

I loved watching him explore this log and it made me think how lacking most children’s playgrounds are nowadays. As ever, its the simple pleasures which are the most memorable.


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  1. JallieDaddy 30th April 2013 / 7:16 am

    Go Ned! I'ts great seeing them develop & grow isn't it?

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