Review; PlayPlax


PlayPlax were without doubt, one of the best toys of my childhood. I have so many fond memories of hours spent sliding these little flat plastic squares together to create all manner of different shapes. In fact, they became such a feature of peoples childhoods and such a design classic that they actually have a place in the permanent collection of the V & A. So when I found out they have been re-released and are avaliable to buy now I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the chance to review them.

When I presented the box to the children the boy (aged four) noted that he had used them at school, ‘but not as cool as these…’. It transpires that they have some non translucent ones at school which the children fight over. So, quickly they tipped the box out on the floor and began making shapes. The brilliance of PlayPlax is that they can be used by children of all ages and it didnt take very long for Fifi aged two to get to grips with it and start making her own creations.


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and PlayPlax are no exception. The kids love them, they have spent hours playing with them, I think its a construction toy which has really helped build their spatial awareness. Even I can’t stop playing with them. I have to admit that they are not the cheapest construction toy you can buy, but they have longevity and are proven. You’ll love them and I know that several children we know with find them in their Christmas sacks this year. You can buy them here


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