Everyone knows that sleep is a luxury when you have kids, except people on the brink of actually having  kids it seems. I’m now six years down and I think I have another couple of years before I can get a decent nights sleep and feel somewhere near normal again.

However it never ceases to amaze me the positions that babys and small children can sleep in. For example, lying on my chest with head lower than rest of body. Then there is Fifi’s special trick which is to sleep with both legs up in the air, or spookily her eyes open! Once asleep Ned can sleep through anything, I was trying to wake him up for lunch in a cafe on holiday last week and I couldn’t manage to rouse him he was that deeply asleep. I don’t know if this is a boy thing because our eldest can sleep through anything.

I’ve recently dramatically cut down on the hours that I work, this has its pro’s and con’s. The question is though, can I train little Ned to nap in the mornings so I can go back to bed after the school run?


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  1. Metropolitan Mum 23rd April 2013 / 8:19 pm

    Mhmmm. The words &#39;sleep trainer&#39; just popped up in my head. I know I couldn&#39;t function without sleep. I literally don&#39;t know how you do it. <br />Dxx<br />PS: Fancy a get together any time soon? I could come up to St A if convenient for you?

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