Vax Air Mini Pet Review and Video

Sometimes when you’re doing a review you just have to call in the experts to show you how it’s really done. In this case Fifi and the Boy took a turn with the Vax Air Pet Mini vacuum cleaner. The RRP is £179.99, direct from Vax but if you shop around you can get it for less.

The Vax Air Mini Pet has an Antibacterial H12 HEPA filter that’s ideal for households with child or pets. Or people who’s children behave like pets. It also has a fairly hefty 2L capacity, which given the size of the cleaner is pretty darn impressive. As the video shows, the only real issue we had with it was the lightweight hose occasionally kinked but overall we were massively impressed with the combination of suction and the tiny lightweight size of the unit. It’s ideal for zipping around with and especially good on the stairs.



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