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We are big fans of Legoland Windsor in our household, it never fails to make a fun memorable day out which exhausts the kids so they sleep well and long. Thats a good thing. Since our last visit we have been eagerly awaiting the new Duplo Valley attraction.  Duplo Valley is one of our favourite zones because it really sits brilliantly well within the age group for all the kids, so they can all get involved, even little one year old Ned and we couldn’t wait to tryout the new and improved area.

Entering Duplo Valley (@daddacool leads the way)
The kids pretending to be lego men

Duplo Valley didn’t disappoint, its been greatly improved with the most amazing play area which Ned loved and which was save enough for Fifi and Boy to wander off an play in on their own with minimal supervision. There are loads of different climbing frames and things to turn, press and explore. Even the ground is covered in springy astro-turf which even kept me amused whilst standing with the buggy.

Ned explores the play area…

However, the main highlight has to be the new splash park, this is the best splash park i’ve ever seen and the kids were very excited about giving it a go. Come thirty degree summer temperatures and I suspect it might be very difficult to even get near this attraction. We particularly liked the animals in the Duplo Splash Safari which is aimed at slightly younger children than the impressive Duplo Drench Towers with its amazing slides (the hubby was desperate to go on these!). The Duplo Splash Safari features large scale versions of the Duplo zoo animals and it all amounts to an incredibly cute and fun experience.

A Fearsome Duplo Lion
Drench Towers

Duplo Valley Splash and Play really changes the focus of a trip to Legoland in 2013, swimsuits and trunks are now essentials and I suspect you’ll find yourself spending at least half of the day in this area.
This video gives you a really good flavour:

We had a lovely time exploring the new Duplo Valley, just dont forget your swimwear! You’ll find loads more images and other peoples thoughts via #loveduplovalley

Disclaimer: We were invited along to the launch event and given some goody bags and free access to the park. This has not influenced my thoughts, we genuinely love Legoland for a family day out and this attraction in the park just makes it even better!


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  1. Emma x 19th May 2013 / 9:22 pm

    This looks amazing, someone i know worked on it and snuck some photos on facebook and it made me want to go so badly! x

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