Book Review: Despicable Me 2; the Junior Novel

29th June 2013 No Comments

This novel is based on the new movie which my little boy is really looking forward to going to see. Aged six he is the perfect target audience for the films and he is a little bit obsessed by the little yellow minions.

When this book arrived he took one look and attempted to get stuck into reading it which was fantastic, he is a bit of a reluctant reader at the moment (unlike his parents) and its difficult to find books which are at the right level for his abilities but which engage him. I would say that this book is a little bit hard, but he read various bits of it out to me and enjoyed looking at the colour insert pictures. He has been dipping in and out of it all week, I think he feels quite grown up reading what looks like a grown up novel.

When my little reader had gone to bed I thought I’d have a good read of the book myself and I have to say I actually quite enjoyed it. It’s a quick easy read for adults but I think occasionally reading a kids book helps you to understand where they are coming from, as well as making sure that what they are reading is appropriate.

Sometimes with movie tie in products you can end up with a load of fairly pointless toys, I really like the idea of giving the children a book instead.

You can find out more about this book and the other ties in titles over on the Simon and Schuster website.

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